This Week in Career Advice: A Raise Without A Promotion. What Gives?

You’re offered a great promotion without a pay increase. What should you do? A Forbes reader asks Liz Ryan how to handle a promotion they recently accepted only to find out it doesn’t come with a pay increase. Are they stuck with more work for the same salary?

Ryan writes:

“Go back to Ed and tell him that you’re surprised your new position comes without a pay raise, because it’s obviously more work and more responsibility. You are solving a bigger pain for your company now than you were before. Tell Ed that you want to see a written job description so that you can research what folks who perform similar jobs get paid.

Ed said that the company will see how you perform in the position. You can politely but confidently let him know that you expect at least a small pay bump as you begin the job, and that you’d like to check in with Ed around your performance and your salary after three months or six months in the new role.”

While the reader’s boss should have been upfront about the lack of an increase, the responsibility ultimately lies with the reader. Anytime a promotion is discussed, it is up to you to ensure your salary is reviewed. After all, who else is better equipped to keep your interests in mind. Forgetting (or refusing) to do so is akin to leaving money on the table.

For those who require a better idea of how to discuss this issue with their boss, Ryan provides a script at the link below.


I Didn’t Realize My ‘Promotion’ Came Without A Pay Raise | Forbes Magazine



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