This Week in Career Advice: Overcome Shyness and Lead

Being shy in a management position can be difficult. Those who suffer from shyness tend to be uncomfortable in large groups of people and tend to avoid conflict – two scenarios difficult to avoid with a team of individuals answering to you.

So how can you overcome your shyness in order to thrive at work? Forbes Coaches Council offers a few tips.


  • Taking an improv class can help those overcome shyness since it pushes students to practice their public speaking skills while teaching them to think on their feet, all while having fun.


  • Meeting with people one-on-one can help diffuse the stress that comes with management since shy people do better in smaller settings.


  • Working with your team toward a common goal can tamper temporary shyness since you’re focused on accomplishing something together.


For more advice on overcoming shyness, read the entire article at Forbes Magazine.


Being Shy Doesn’t Stop You From Being A Great Leader | Forbes Magazine



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